SD Symphony Bayside Performance Park

San Diego, CA
San Diego Symphony
Architecture, Master Planning
Under Construction

The design of the Bayside Performance Park Enhancement Project expresses the importance of musical culture and public access of future park use in San Diego. The project is designed activate a remarkable site by creating public gathering spaces that will no longer be underutilized due to the lack of public facilities. Extensive renovations will be made to refresh or increase public restrooms, new fitness facilities, & viewing areas with seating – all while also creating a world class waterfront facility with an acoustically superb environment. 64 additional public restrooms stalls, 4 of which will be gender neutral and accessible to the public at all times during park operating hours, will reside underneath the sloped seating. Two food pavilions and a small stage are also included in the scope and can be rented by the public for private events. The Bayside Performance Park will have enhanced sound quality without bleeding towards unintended areas. The use of gentle slopes and terraced seating, along with low lying perimeter fencing gently buffered by a narrow landscaping strip, will offer improved sight lines for paid and unpaid attendees and boost overall audience experience by avoiding unnecessary visual clutter. Reconfiguration of the parking lot not only provides the site with additional parking stalls, but it also establishes interconnectivity between the North and South end of the park that was nonexistent before. It would also improve access to the popular fishing pier and facilitates the resurfacing of the commonly used basketball courts. Overall site circulation would be improved with the widening of the 12’ sidewalk that encompasses the entire performance venue. With its innovative performance technology and energizing design that stimulates public interaction, the Bayside Performance Park Enhancement leads the effort in transforming the San Diego Bay into a world class waterfront.